PC Hyper Wiper 2007.03

PC Hyper Wiper 2007.03



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: HyperWipe, Inc.

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Hyper Wiper is the #1 software on the web for deleting _ and other objectionable material from your computer. Fast and easy. Hyper Wiper can clean your entire system and allow you to keep what you want. Not only will it get rid of the things you don t want, selectively it will also add a dummy history instead of leaving the PC obviously wiped clean. You ll feel better when you clean your computer of hidden tracking files and history logs. There are plenty of reasons you might want to use privacy software to cover your tracks. However, there are three major problems with most other privacy software out there: Problem Number One:Other privacy software programs delete important things like cookies that have passwords. Problem Number Two:After you run those other programs, it is obvious that you have been trying to hide something, because suddenly everything is erased! The biggest indicator of this is when someone clicks on the drop-down Typed URL list in Internet Explorer, and suddenly there are no more Typed URLs. Problem Number Three:The other privacy software programs don t allow you to customize the software to work best for your particular use. Hyper Wiper is customizable to suit your needs -- so the files you want to keep are kept safe and sound with no alteration, and only the objectionable files and data that you don t want in your computer are deleted! Hyper Wiper solves all of the above problems by giving you total control over what is erased from your computer. You can choose to keep certain cookies, and keep certain typed URLs. You can even populate the Recent Document menu with innocent files, and fill Media PlayerOCOs history list with fake names. Also compatible with over 150 Plug-ins for cleaning every program imaginable. KEEP YOUR JOB, KEEP YOUR MARRIAGE, KEEP YOUR DIGNITY AND KEEP OUT OF TROUBLE. 30 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee,Download Hyper Wiper now and protect yourself.

Systems: Windows

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